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How to Increase Your Productivity and Focus

Jun 24, 2021

Why do so many of us have a "monkey mind"?

Many scholars believe that having a wandering and quick-to-notice “monkey mind” may have been very helpful for our ancestors. Imagine being so concentrated on a task that you didn’t notice a venomous snake slithering towards you, or not noticing an ominous jungle noise. Centuries ago, the monkey mind came in quite handy.

So, something that helped our ancestors to live and pass on their genes is proving to be somewhat detrimental in our modern, fast-paced world. I certainly love long periods of concentrated work or productivity but lately I’ve had a difficult time with concentration - within my world of distractions. Many of my clients are telling me similar stories: they wish they could increase their productivity.

How do we produce more focused work in a world filled with distractions.? After all, we’re wearing computers on our wrists we’re holding our potent phones near us. Never has there been a time with more opportunities for distraction. Yet, it is absolutely possible to increase productivity without banishing your phone or your smart watch.

I’ve recorded this powerful meditation just for you. Multiple published studies show that practicing meditation regularly helps to improve focus, productivity and ability to learn. We know that when we deliberately and regularly train our minds, we literally rewire our brains. Tap into this power for effortless concentration with meditation.

Sit down in a comfortable position, stay awake and alert and relaxed and enjoy this powerful meditation.

Join me in this 8 minute meditation designed specifically to train your mind to increase concentration, learning and productivity.


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