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The Power Within Membership

This is an exclusive offer for the women who are looking for a safe, nourishing space for evolution as we immerse in growth together. 

What you'll get:

  • Immediate access to highly curated deep dive meditation and mindfulness sessions x 2 years! (Value $500) 
  •  CME Credits for Physicians (Value $150)
  • Continued Sessions with support: Weekly live sessions focused on getting you immediate and long term results of inner peace and power (Value $350)
  • BONUS evening meditation sessions every month (Value $100)
  • Personalized Attention (Priceless)
  • Bonus Private Coaching Session twice annually (Value $350/session)
  • Ayurvedic Wisdom, Trauma informed Coaching, Mind/Body Healing every week (Value $200)

Total Value: $1,350/Month


$199/mo 🔥

AFTER 01/30/2024 - 


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What's Inside?

⭐️Proven pathway for more energy, more focus, more life satisfaction

⭐️Nuanced practices of mind/body healing - mudras, deeper breathwork

⭐️Removing emotional blocks in the body to reveal true flow

⭐️Incredible community support

⭐️Deep, effortless, meditative experiences

⭐️Accessing higher states of consciousness

⭐️Manifesting your truest desires

⭐️Conscious communication for better relationships

⭐️Meditation and mindfulness as vehicles to deepen sensuality and other "tantric" life pleasures

⭐️Tapping into Archetypal energy and wisdom

⭐️Advanced practices of yoga therapy


What People Are Saying:

I used to feel trapped in my circumstances and thought I would always be an anxious person. When I first started working with Rashmi, I was looking for some calmness at first but I got so much more. TPW has helped me to increase my awareness and I find that I'm able to slip into a sense of peace and freedom quickly and easily. Now I have more clarity even in the vortex and I have a sense of infinite possibilities."


Working with Rashmi has had a positive impact on my life. I sleep better, and I find myself reacting less and reflecting more. It has helped my relationships at work and at home, and I've been able to create a regular meditation practice, something I had only envisioned before. TPW Membership provides practical advice, a safe community and space in my life to achieve my goals.

Beth Egan

I am deeply grateful for The Power Within membership and Dr. Rashmi Schramm. My experience with this practice has been life changing. It has lifted me to a deeper understanding of myself and the challenges of navigating our complex human experience. Gratitude, awareness, and self-compassion now fill the space in my daily consciousness, with a consistent meditation practice. The result is a profound shift in my energy and focus. My Being is lighter, and I am open to everyday miracles that I once overlooked. I would recommend the TPW Membership for anyone searching for inner peace, mindfulness, and a life affirming journey.

Mary Ellen

I joined TPW in January 2022...my daily meditation practice has given me a gift I couldn't have anticipated: access to a kinder, wiser inner knowing that I struggle to hear otherwise. A space where I can cut through the worry and the lists and “what-ifs” and begin to move through my day from a place of intention and love. The stressors are still there, but Rashmi's guidance has helped me to find an inner strength and kind stillness that has made all the difference."

Shelley Swapp

The TPW Membership is a great source of support...The lifelong learner in me enjoys the teaching sessions, and they help to uplevel my practice. When the stressors of day to day enter in, I appreciate that bit of accountability of being in the membership to bring me back to center.

Dr. Michelle Quirk